Clothes To Keep, What To Toss


There are a lot of trends floating around, and some of their staying power is surprising. Like leggings. They look good on virtually no one and yet the trend has persevered despite much backlash and skepticism. How can a style that so blatantly accentuates the calf and calls attention to ankles and the true height of the average American woman have endured for this long? Finally, the end is near my friends.

At a recent fashion show in Las Vegas I was pleased to see that footless leggings were not making the spring and summer '08 collections. Any leggings I saw were available only for immediate shipping. My assessment was validated in the fall special issue of InStyle Makeover (see page 34). So ladies, if you loved this style or just caved in to peer pressure and now own a pair, looks like you found a new workout outfit or weekend painting grubs.

Skull motifs

Goodbye my dark menace! I never understood the appeal of the skull motif … I guess it made people feel edgy or rebellious or whatever. But after winter, Mr. Skull and Crossbones is due across the River Styx.


While I admit some women (e.g. tall women) look great in flats, I myself have bought into the trend out of comfort. After wearing 4 inch heels for years regardless of what I was doing, I've found that flats could save me from a very painful old age. I still feel like a child when I wear them and I in no way feel sexy, but I have found several cute pair that do the job when excruciating pain is not an option (like these. Regardless of my personal feelings, it looks like flats are in it for the long haul.

The swing coat

New on the scene for fall/winter is another trend I don't understand. Even tall women look like oompaloompas in the swing coat. But to each her own. In my humble opinion, this look is better served with a nice belt. Just grab one of the wide belts (which are still in contrary to rumors) and cinch that bad boy.

The statement coat

This is a fun trend. Go ahead and make a statement with a bold blue or green coat. Houndstooth is also hot right now. You'll also see silver but personally I don't want to look like a giant piece of tin foil walking down the street.

Ankle boots (aka booties)

In! And thank goodness because I have three pair! Wear them with wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans, or skirts with tights (just not footless tights … enough already).

  • Over the knee boots
  • Out sista. If you're not Julia Roberts, it's time to can the hooker boots.
  • Sweater bags

Say goodbye to this sloppy, Bohemian trend. Structured bags are hotter than ever but don't worry girls who like slouchy bags, those are in too. Just be prepared for some heavy-duty hardware.

Gaucho pants

News Flash: this trend is dead.

Skinny jeans

I resisted at first but have come to accept that skinny jeans aren't going anywhere, any time soon.

Wide leg pants

They've been creeping up and I'm not happy about it! Wide-leg dress pants look great on taller women. Us shorter gals have some options open to us. Trouser denim is one way to wear this trend (Level 99 Denim makes a nice pair). The look will push on to Spring. Higher waistlines are also in but thankfully designers realize not all women can wear this trend.

Cropped Jackets

There are two sides to this trend. There's the swinging cropped jacket and the fitted crop jacket. I'm inclined to like the latter. Not sure too many women who want to make the top halves of their bodies look like a mushroom top but I have seen rare instances where the look works.

  • Patent leather
  • Still holding strong! And now there are even bolder colors. So have fun!
  • Metallic
  • Still around. Silver especially is hot, hot, hot!

Detailed blouses

In addition to tunics, I saw a lot of detailed blouses at the show. I love the look. It's feminine and confident.