Tips on Growing a Home Herb Garden

Starting and growing a home herb garden is not really difficult. Setting up a home herb garden will take only a little of your time, effort and a little space inside your home. Let me give you some tips on growing a home herb garden that you will truly enjoy.

1.       Choose your herbs. Before you start your home herb garden you have to decide what herbs you want to grow in your garden. You need to know what kind of environment your chosen herbs needs so that your plants will grow to their fullest.

2.       Choose your location. Find the appropriate location for your herbs whether you will be growing them in planting pots or if you decide to grow them outside. The most important factor that you need to consider is a location where your herbs will be provided with enough sunlight. If you will be planting and growing your herbs outside aside from the location you also have to consider factors in the location you have chosen such as rain and sun in the area the whole year and over all temperature. Be sure that your herbs will be getting plenty of light.

3.       Make your soil bed. You need to make your soil bed where you will be planting your herbs. It is important that your soil is of high quality not too heavy, too dry or too wet before you start planting your seeds. Your soil should be loose or mix it with sand so that it will drain better. It will also be better to line your pots using wood chips and stones before putting in your soil which will assure you of proper soil drainage.

4.       Planting your herbs. You have two choices in planting either you start with the seeds or get the herbs you want that have already been grown. If you have a green thumb then you can start from the seeds but if you are not sure getting a small plant that have started to take root would be better. When planting your seeds, plant them one inch apart and cover them slightly with soil.

5.       Tending to your herbs. Tend to your herbs by making sure that you get to water and weed them regularly. When watering your plants, check your soil if it is dry then it is time to water them. If you are not sure just water your herbs a little rather than watering them too much. Maintain humidity by spraying your herbs with water once a week to keep your plants healthy.

6.       Enjoy your herbs. As you see your herbs grow you can start using them for cooking making your meals more delicious, tastier and healthier. You will also be able to enjoy the sweet fragrance that your herbs provide making your kitchen feel homey and cozy.

Having a home herb garden has a lot of advantages for you because you do not need to worry about diseases or harmful insects. You can control how much sunlight your herbs should get and you can relocate them where they can get the most light. You do not have to worry about winter because you will have fresh herbs the whole year round. Finally, you have fresh tasty herbs anytime you need them.

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